How online client reviews can boost your Ecommerce business?

Ecommerce Customer Reviews

You might have come across that saying ‘ What looks is what sells’ and it is indeed 100 percent true. The more trusting you look, the more chances of your Ecommerce business thriving.

Therefore, your chances of looking original are enhanced with original customer reviews. In fact, reviews are one of the only things that potential buyers look into for any business’s credibility.


One such way to build reviews is through Trustpilot. It’s more like Tipadvisor, but for Ecommerce. This is an application that lets you create accounts and post reviews-as businesspersons or customers. Through this, customers can log in and leave comments or give stars to the products they’ve purchased from you. Moreover, according to a survey, 40 percent of customers only need to read 1-3 reviews in order to make a final decision.

 The most prominent fact which was published on Trustpilot’s report on ‘How Consumers Use Reviews’ is astonishing. It states that Ecommerce businesses see a whopping 270 percent conversion rate if they put on ratings on their website.

The truth to ratings and reviews

While it is a great idea to open your site for ratings and reviews, it also comes with the downside of negative reviews and ratings. Perhaps, that is where you need to build up your image. For all the negative reviews/ratings your products or services receive, always offer improvement. This can be done by asking them what they would like better, or how you can make it up, offer refunds and exchanges etc…

It is very important to stay calm, and to offer help whenever possible.

Substitutes of Trustpilot

Trustpilot is the most used and the most successful online rating and reviewing system for everyone out there. It is the safest, easiest and the trendiest choice. However, there are other names which almost provide the same function. These are Basaarvoice, Powerreviews, Yotpo and many more.

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