5 Inspirations in Fashion E-commerce Websites

The fashion industry is a big part of the e-commerce world. According to the stats of 2014, various apparel brands did a business of more than $52.2 billion only that year. Shopping online has a become a trend in recent years, and fashion e-commerce websites are no exception.

But, with high demand comes the high competition.

It is not easy to make your place in the fashion e-commerce. You have to compete with a lot of fashion e-commerce websites – you need to stand out among thousands of others.

But wait…take a break!

It is, no doubt, difficult but not impossible.

There are many successful fashion e-commerce websites out there, and if they can do it, why can’t you?

Other than all the difficulties that e-commerce websites have to face, fashion e-commerce websites have a whole array of its own problems. This industry just not only products, but it’s also a form of art that makes the style, design, and atmosphere of the website a lot more significant than other online departmental stores.

Fashion e-commerce websites not only have to look stylish like the commodities they sell, but they also need to make the user experience great. 

To help you in your next fashion e-commerce venture, I am sharing 5 inspirations in fashion e-commerce websites with you.

Here you go!

5 Inspirations in Fashion E-Commerce Websites:

Here is a list of 5 websites that I take as an inspiration for the e-commerce websites with fashion niche. I will also discuss a little about every website.

  1. Stylight:

Stylish was launched in 2008. From then, it has become a source of inspiration for more than 10 million users around the globe. Currently, there are around 6000 brands on the website.

Only in 2015, Stylight helped its partner brands in increasing their revenue by generating around $700 million in sales.

Prices on the website vary from $4.5 for a Sammydress to $42,000 for a Valentino dress.

Chris Morton launched this – one of the biggest fashion e-commerce websites – in 2010. Do you know what features helped it in becoming this much popular? Enabling shoppers to shop from multiple retailers with a unified checkout.

The idea of letting people shop all of their favorite brands from a single website has changed the fashion e-commerce forever.

Right now, Lyst has connected millions of online shoppers with more than 12,000 stores and designers. From Burberry to J. Crew, and from Alexander McQueen to Harrods, you will find almost every famous brand on this website.

ShopStyle – a part of the famous Popsugar organization – offers more than 12 million products. It is one of the largest e-commerce websites on which you will find almost every style-centric product – from women clothes to home décor – everything on the same website.

With the help of a lot of filters, the website helps its customers to find what exactly they are looking for.

With over 18 million monthly visitors from 175 different countries of the world, ShopStyle helps its partners to generate over $1 billion in revenue every year.

Similar to Stylight, Polyvore also offers various style-centric products including garments, beauty products, and home décor.

You will find more than 500 retailers and brands on the website. Not only this, but shoppers can also share their outfit ideas with the community on the website. According to an estimate, users on the website create more than 3 million outfit ideas monthly.

The cheapest dress on the website is for only $11 by Choies dress, whereas, you can also find dresses for up to $16,000 there.

While the first four inspirational websites are well known, Modasto is a less known name in the world of fashion e-commerce.

The minds behind this website have quite a different business strategy. Founders of this website decided to have a dedicated website for each of the countries they operate in. They make sure that the shop delivers in the countries they are working in.

Right now, Modasto is functional in Turkey, Poland, Germany, Lithuania, and the UK. Unlike many fashion e-commerce websites, Modasto decided to work in Europe before they hit the largest market – the USA.

The company is willing to open their stores in many other European countries in the near future.

Which fashion e-commerce website you look as an inspiration? Comment below and share with us why you like them.

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